Bowland Food Hall – Wellness Wednesday’s

29th January 2020 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Healthy Choices & Mindful Eating

We know wellness and living as healthily and happily as possible is high on the agenda for our customers. So, one Wednesday a month we are planning a morning of wellness and education and inspiration followed by a delicious healthy lunch.

We know our customers care about wellbeing and leading a healthier life, and that wellness has never been more important for living in today’s modern world.

All courses are delivery by Sarah Pearson in conjunction with other wellbeing consultants.

10am Wednesday 29th January: Healthy Choices & Mindful Eating

During this session we will look at the basics of healthy choices, understanding gut health, and the importance of a healthy gut.  We will explore ways to introduce small, simple changes to your day to day life, through mindful eating and healthy choices.

You will be given a list of recommended reading and a free gift, then we will finish the session  with a delicious Bowland Buddha Bowl, which is jam packed with healthy ingredients and a ginger shot.      

Tickets are £20 per person.

Can’t make it? We have more Wellness Wednesday sessions coming up in the future;

12th February: Gut Health & Fermenting

18th March: Preventative Health & the Menopause

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About Sarah Pearson:

A sudden health scare was the reason for Sarah Pearson to start exploring in-depth the connection between unhealthy diet and ill health. 

Generally a healthy eater and regular runner Sarah experienced a sudden loss of hair, and within one week was completely bald.  Initial health checks were carried out, and there was no explainable medical reason for this sudden loss of hair,  it was concluded that Sarah had the autoimmune disease alopecia, and was told to expect total loss of body hair, loss of nails and would eventually develop diabetes.

Despite health professionals saying that there was nothing that could be done for her autoimmune disease,  Sarah was undeterred and  started researching autoimmune disease, the effect of food on your body and gut health.  By following the autoimmune paleo diet, and a plan to repair her gut Sarah started to see her hair grow back.   Visits to a functional doctor led to a diagnosis of hashimoto thyroid, and by repairing her gut she put her thyroid condition into remission.

Since then Sarah has studied extensively the effects of gut health, and by incorporating healthy choices in her life has continued to keep her immune system healthy, and her autoimmune disease in remission.